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30 Years of Conservation, Forest Policy for next 50 Years – Marbled Murrelet Policy Open for Comment

Washington’s Marbled Murrelet population has lost 44% of the species since 2001. The drastic decline is due to habitat loss in forests where the murrelets nest. Washington State Dept. of Natural Resources has opened for public comment their revised Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Marbled Murrelet Long-Term Conservation Strategy. Attend the DNR public meeting about the rDEIS in Forks: Tuesday, October 9, 6–8 PM at the Rainforest Arts Center, 35 North Forks Avenue.

OFCO is a member of the Marbled Murrelet Survival Project Coalition; please follow events and learn more about the biology of this endangered seabird and other information here. Coalition member Dr. Kara Whittaker, senior scientist from the Washington Forest Law Center, leads our science team analyzing the alternatives presented by DNR. Lawyers, policy workers, economists and others are evaluating the rDEIS to see if the state has presented plans for enough conservation to save the murrelet. The Coalition will present detailed comments on the rDEIS.

How do you pronounce “Marbled Murrelet?” However you pronounce it, speak up with Maria Ruth, author of Rare Bird, to save this important species! Watch for talking points and comments, and please be ready to speak up!

Marbled Murrelet illustration by Dugald Stermer, courtesy of the generosity of the Dugald Stermer family

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