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Support Dabob and Toandos Heritage Forests

[OFCO supports Peter Bahls, Executive Director of Northwest Watershed Institute on the following issue]:

Friends of Dabob Bay and Toandos Peninsula:

Protecting the Heritage Forests of the Toandos Peninsula will require the State Legislature to support funding the Trust Land Transfer program (TLT) – a  little known program makes it possible for the WA Department of Natural Resources to reimburse the School Trust when high priority conservation lands are taken out of timber production and permanently protected. It also allows DNR to buy replacement lands for the School Trust more suitable for timber production.

A statewide coalition of conservation groups and education advocates are asking the Legislature to fund four TLT projects during this 2021-23 biennium, including Devils Lake Natural Area Addition on Dabob Bay, where the Natural Area boundaries were expanded with broad public support in 2016. At Devils Lake, a total of 370 acres of state timberland are proposed for permanent protection that includes rare forests and 1 mile of steep pristine shoreline.

With your help, we can build support for TLT funding so that by the next 2023-25 biennium, Toandos Forest can also be protected as part of an expanded Dabob Bay Natural Area.”

Contact your elected officials directly or sign the petition and send a message to Olympia.

Thank you!

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