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Olympic Forest Coalition Submits Comment on Marbled Murrelet Long-Term Conservation Strategy and Federal Permit

OFCO contributed to a joint comment submitted to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Washington Department of Natural Resources on the Long-Term Conservation Strategy for the Marbled Murrelet and the permit for incidental take of endangered species on state-managed forested trust lands. The Marbled Murrelet Coalition submitted the comment.

Washington Forest Law Center (WFLC) led the key scientific and policy portion of the comments, and Conservation Northwest and Washington Environmental Council led the economic impacts analysis. Experts Dr. Kara Whittaker, David Lank and Mike Ruth provided the science and geospatial analysis. Experts Ernie Niemi and Paula Swedeen provided economic analysis. Peter Goldman, WFLC, provided the legal analysis. See the full comment here. Thank you to all OFCO members and supporters who also submitted comments.

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Take ACTION Today to help protect Marbled Murrelets

DEADLINE: Thursday, December 6


Folks, we know this is very last-minute notice, but we would appreciate it very much if you would take quick action to send a message to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and the Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) asking them to protect this endangered species and the forests they inhabit for nesting.


This little bird is a magnificent wonder of Mother Nature. It lives on the ocean but breeds in our old-growth forests. For the past 17 years, its population has declined by 44% in our state because of habitat loss. Many environmental organizations and coalition partners have made this bird’s recovery a major priority. All of us are working very hard to protect this endangered species in our state.

Currently, there are 8 alternatives being considered of management options for the long-term protection of the Marbled Murrelet. None of the alternatives is strong enough to support a good recovery on state-managed lands. Unless strong protections are put in place, we will lose this species forever.

Please click on the link below and it will direct you to a form on DNR’s site that will take you only a couple of minutes or so to complete. The same form will also be sent to USFWS, so you do not need to duplicate efforts. Please urge them to protect this species!

Write to DNR and USFWS today to help protect Marbled Murrelets and their habitat.

The deadline for comments is December 6. Your comments will be delivered to both DNR and USFWS through the official comment portal handled by DNR.

Please click here to view a PDF document showing sample comments you can use.

Thank you for caring about our forests and wildlife!

Connie Gallant

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30 Years of Conservation, Forest Policy for next 50 Years – Marbled Murrelet Policy Open for Comment

Washington’s Marbled Murrelet population has lost 44% of the species since 2001. The drastic decline is due to habitat loss in forests where the murrelets nest. Washington State Dept. of Natural Resources has opened for public comment their revised Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Marbled Murrelet Long-Term Conservation Strategy. Attend the DNR public meeting about the rDEIS in Forks: Tuesday, October 9, 6–8 PM at the Rainforest Arts Center, 35 North Forks Avenue.

OFCO is a member of the Marbled Murrelet Survival Project Coalition; please follow events and learn more about the biology of this endangered seabird and other information here. Coalition member Dr. Kara Whittaker, senior scientist from the Washington Forest Law Center, leads our science team analyzing the alternatives presented by DNR. Lawyers, policy workers, economists and others are evaluating the rDEIS to see if the state has presented plans for enough conservation to save the murrelet. The Coalition will present detailed comments on the rDEIS.

How do you pronounce “Marbled Murrelet?” However you pronounce it, speak up with Maria Ruth, author of Rare Bird, to save this important species! Watch for talking points and comments, and please be ready to speak up!

Marbled Murrelet illustration by Dugald Stermer, courtesy of the generosity of the Dugald Stermer family

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OFCO Supported by Jefferson Community Foundation “Give Jefferson” Campaign – Give Now to Support OFCO

The Jefferson Community Foundation accepted OFCO’s proposal to support our work on the Washington state “Solutions Table.” Commissioner of Public Lands HiIary Franz convened the advisory group to help support both the Marbled Murrelet and community needs, including Jefferson County. Please consider giving to OFCO during the campaign. See more information about the project and all the great work being done by nonprofits in Jefferson County here.

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First Marbled Murrelet Nest Discovered August 7, 1974!

August 7 is the 44th anniversary of the discovery of the first Marbled Murrelet nest in California, in 1974. Celebrate! Find information on the Marbled Murrelet and share it. We are celebrating today with Maria Ruth, author of Rare Bird, as she recreates the nest discovery day in this light-hearted video. We are encouraged to learn all we can to prepare for next month, when the revised Draft Environmental Impact Statement (RDEIS) on the preferred alternative is released by the Department of Natural Resources. This is the next important step in Washington developing a long-term conservation strategy for the Marbled Murrelet. And the going is going to be rough! If you are near the coast in Washington state, look for Marbled Murrelets on the water. Take a picture if you can! Send to and tell us where you took the picture! Follow the Marbled Murrelet Survival Project on Faceook.