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Military Control Over Public Adjacent Lands Stopped

OFCO Board Member Karen Sullivan, co-founder of the West Coast Action Alliance (WCAA), led OFCO advocacy to stop a bill that would have turned land use control and incompatibility decision-making authority over to the military, on public and private lands that not only are adjacent to military bases but also throughout the state. Sullivan and others said, “By outlawing all land uses that may be incompatible with present or future missions of United States military installations, the bill presents an ‘inverse condemnation’ of property, where the government takes property without compensating for it. This bill violates Article 1, Section 18, of the Washington State Constitution. It would have enormous consequences for Washington and for conservation.” The bill, sponsored by Rep. Kristine Reeves, who is also the DOD-paid executive director of the Washington Military Alliance, did not pass. A companion Senate bill also failed. Sullivan, a retired U.S. Fish and Wildlife biologist, has led WCAA and OFCO’s work to ensure that military operations on the Olympic Peninsula and associated marine waters do not further endanger species like the Marbled Murrelet, orcas and salmon.

Karen was recently featured in a movie about the impacts of the Navy Growler jets in our area, Plane Truths. WCAA and OFCO are encouraging you also to comment on an open EA allowing the Navy to expand military training to 65 Washington state parks and 265 miles of shoreline, much of which is private land. Comments are due March 23; see WCAA model comment letter and how to commentSee Karen’s Op Ed in The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader on the plan.

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