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Navy Not Following Process

NEPAYesterday we received the news that the Navy has made its Record of Decision (ROD) on the Section 106 review for the U.S. Navy’s Northwest Training and Testing (NWTT) Environmental Impact Statement/Overseas Environmental Impact Statement (EIS/OEIS}. They plan to publish the ROD on Monday, November 9.

In a letter sent to the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO), the Navy claims that they have complied with the requirements as set forth in the statute and regulations.

However, when we interviewed the SHPO, we were informed that their office has made it abundantly clear that the process is far from complete. We have been given permission to publish the letter the SHPO received from the Navy, the SHPO’s reply objecting to such abrupt termination of ongoing discussions, and the Navy’s reply to that.

Click below to read each letter.

Letter from Dept. of the Navy to Dr. Allyson Brooks, Nov, 5, 2015

Letter from Dr. Allyson Brooks to Dept. of the Navy, Nov, 6, 2015

Email from Navy Cultural Resources to Dr. Allyson Brooks, Nov. 6, 2015

Send an email today to William Manley, Navy Deputy Federal Preservation Officer, and John Mosher, COMPACFLT, and let them know this process must be fully completed because the Navy needs to adhere to the same rules and regulations the rest of us have to follow. We are not being unpatriotic; we simply want the Navy to obey our laws.

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