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Navy Training Exercises in Olympic Forest 260 Days a Year, 16 Hours per Day Given the “Go Ahead” over Local Protests

U.S. Forest Service Proposes to Issue a Permit to Navy for Military War Games in Olympic National Forest – Finds There Will Be “No Significant Impact” on Wildlife

The U.S. Forest Service will issue a permit to the U.S. Navy to allow electronic training exercises in the Olympic National Forest, according to their draft decision notice. We have until mid-January to raise objections turn these planes away from our forests and marine waters. OFCO and the West Coast Action Alliance are analyzing data from OFCO’s Freedom of Information Act request on the impact decision report issued by the U.S. Forest Service. The report found that there would be NO significant impact on wildlife and communities from the Growler jets strafing through our area, destroying wildlife and quiet. National security must also include protecting our natural resources—our national parks! We need your support for the campaign! Information from the U.S. Forest Service can be found here. Become informed and reach out to your elected officials to express your objections.

Help with learning about the problems and formulating your comments and objections can be found through the West Coast Action Alliance portal.

Learn about Emmy-award-winning sound ecologist Gordon Hempton’s campaign to make the Olympic National Park a quiet sanctuary. Watch the video on his page about the natural soundscape we hope to protect.

Become a Quieteer! Follow the National Parks Conservation Association’s campaign and legal challenge. Watch the brief video on their page, to hear what’s at stake.

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